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Glass Table Buying Guide:

Styles and Materials:

 There has never been a greater choice of Glass Tables than there is available today. The design world has fallen back in love with the Glass Table, and designers have pushed the boundaries like never before. Starting with simple and contemporary side tables, right up to a full size 8 seater dining tables. The designs range widely fro example…

  • Elegant
  • Sophisticated
  • Contemporary
  • Fusion

Everybody knows of the classic combination of glass and chrome, but there’s the brand new style of fusion available. It’s a beautiful mix of glass tops sitting upon natural wooden frames that are chunky and rustic, or glass tops that are sunk into elegant Scandinavian designs. So now it doesn’t matter if you have a contemporary or modern style home, or a more traditional theme running throughout your home, you’re sure to find a style of glass table that will blend in perfectly here. However, it’s not only the overall style that needs your consideration as the glass tops have differing options available as well…

  • Clear
  • Frosted
  • Smoked
  • Black

There’s something very sophisticated about glass tables, it’s a sort of modernistic chic that always impresses your guests. Interior designers love them because they allow the light to flow around the room, so they’re great in rooms with small windows for example. The use of light and reflection can also add beauty to a wonderful flower display, as the display can be reflected by the surface of the table creating an even more striking effect.

A great benefit of a glass table, is the fact that they are easy to clean and so therefore very hygienic. Some people are concerned about children’s safety if there’s a glass table in the home, but all glass tables have to use toughened safety glass. The one consideration with regard to safety is whether the glass topped table has an exposed edge? as this is something that a small child might run into accidentally, so some thought is required.






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