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Our Buying Guide:

Those of us who are fortunate enough to have a hallway know just how useful they are. Unfortunately modern houses are becoming so small, there’s barely enough room to hang your coat. If however, you are blessed with a hallway, life seems a little more organized and comfortable. To add to that comfort the inclusion of a Hall Table can make a real difference.

Practical & Stylish:

They are not just practical but they can add a certain charm and style. We’ve all had that experience of crashing through the front door with a handful of bags bursting at the seems, the good old Hall Table can come to your rescue, and will happily take the load of your hands. They are great for keys and post, and it’s the perfect place to put something that you simply must take with you and not forget.


Hall tables often include one or two drawers and these are great for all sorts of bits and bobs like torches and clothes brushes etc. A mirror often works well with a hall table, as it allows you to put your bag on the table if you need to make any adjustments to your look. You may of course be looking for a Hall Table simply to complete a look you have already created. These decorative tables look fantastic displaying…

  • a single piece of art
  • a stunning display of flowers
  • a collection of silver

The more refined hall tables are often called Console Tables and they are inspired by the designs for the grand houses of the 17th and 18th centuries. These tables were always designed to be placed against a wall and therefore only the fronts were elaborately decorated. So if you want a simple and practical Hall Table, or something more elegant and refined, look at the fantastic range we have to offer.

Styles and Materials

The overwhelming feature of a Hall Table is it’s depth, it’s often only 300 – 400mm and they are normally long and narrow. There is a wide variety of construction styles available…

  • simple four legs
  • four legs with connecting lower shelf
  • single pedestal
  • bow shaped

Their styles vary from antique inspired classical woods, to modern sleek and contemporary. From painted farmhouse to chunky designer. Which ever style you’re looking for, we are sure there is a Hall Table that’s perfect for you.

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