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Every home needs a good looking kitchen table, the kitchen is the hub of the home and where family and friends gather for a meal or to enjoy a cup of tea and the newspapers. Please browse the range below & read our buying guide at the bottom of the page for further information:

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Buying Guide

Kitchen Tables to Complement Your Home

There are so many kitchen tables to choose from and plenty for the different home styles. Whether modern, traditional or contemporary there is something for every look.  Modern homes will benefit from the lacquered high gloss options in various colours such as black, white or grey.  Equally eye-catching, the glass tops with steel legs give the illusion of space and are easy to maintain.  For contemporary or traditional kitchens select a wood finish such as hardwood, pine or pale beech.  The wonderful grainy texture of the wood gives a superb cottage look as well as being extremely family friendly and durable enough to last for years.  Laminate tops are also hardwearing and slot into most settings.  Ultra-modern homes will look smart with utility looks, simple, tapered legs and interesting shaped tops.

Practical Beauty

A kitchen table should be suitable for many years of wear, working for a family as well as a dinner party so something high quality and hard-wearing will be ideal for everyday use.  Choose wipe clean surfaces (glass, wood, laminate, gloss coatings) so spills can easily be cleaned away.

All About Space

There is something to suit every space.  For small kitchens, choose tables for two which sit neatly against a wall, if space really is at a premium, then fold away tables or drop leaf tables will be a wise option.  If space is abundant, large farmhouse styles are beautiful in a traditional home as are rectangular glass tables in modern homes.  If the kitchen area is where most entertaining will be held then select an extendable table which will cater for bigger or smaller dinner parties as required.  Before making a final decision, measure the space to make sure the desired kitchen table will fit well and ensure there is plenty of space for chairs to be moved comfortably into position.

For any other queries and help with choosing kitchen tables the team is happy to help.


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