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Lamp tables are the ideal choice for bedrooms, living areas, sitting rooms and even the hallway.  Useful for positioning a favourite lamp they can make an exciting showpiece too.  What do you need to know before selecting a lamp from our collection?  See the buying guide below:

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Buying Guide

Stunning Showpieces for Modern or Traditional Homes

Make an entrance with a cleverly positioned lamp table, perfect as a welcoming addition to a hallway when guests enter the home.  A sensational lamp will look extra special on the right lamp table.  The beauty of a lamp table is it can be placed in a number of areas of a home and becomes a spectacular feature in itself.  For modern homes lamp tables come in a variety of exciting finishes, normally simple in styling but decidedly elegant choose from gloss, matt or simple wood looks not to mention acrylic or perspex.  Glass and mirrored styles are also attractive options and create the illusion of space because of their reflective nature.  Traditional homes will benefit from certain types of wood; pine, oak, walnut and highly polished wood with a co-ordinating lamp to finish the look to perfection.

A Lamp Table for Any Space

No home can go wrong with a lamp table!  They are small enough for any space, whether positioned at the end of an armchair or sofa or to fill an empty corner.  Useful too, they work well as a side table or as somewhere to place a favourite photograph or small ornament!  Neat enough to be unobtrusive but elegant enough to be noticed a lamp table makes a welcome addition to any home.

Occasional Use

As well as being home to a favourite lamp, lamp tables make the excellent occasional tables.  Standalone lamp tables with ornate decoration and beautiful accessories make for a handsome display and create interest.



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