Round Tables

Round Tables

When deciding on a round shaped table there are many other things to take into consideration; finish, size, look and which will work best in the home.  View the range of great round tables and see the buying guide to help with decision making:

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Buying Guide

Why Choose a Round Table?

Round tables are notoriously favourable for sociable occasions because of their shape – they make it easy to chat with family and friends across the table, everyone is able to be involved in a conversation.   It’s important to address the size, finish, material and the look required.  Question if the table will fit perfectly with the size of the room where it will be positioned.  Round tables are popular for casual living, living rooms and family rooms.


Think about the room’s space because if space is limited a large table will look cumbersome.  Consider where the table will be placed so there is enough room for chairs and plenty of room to be comfortable when seated.

So Many Finishes

For modern homes high gloss looks tasteful and sleek especially in black or white and this finish is very easy to keep clean, just a gentle wipe with a damp cloth will suffice.  Equally glass is eye-catching and gives the feeling of space because of its material, it reflects light well – superb if a room is on the smaller side.   These types of material are ideal for homes with young families because they are durable and functional as well as good looking meaning not only are they a showpiece but they are easy to maintain.

For traditional and contemporary homes  hardwood is very durable. Wood is a versatile material, known for quality and there is real natural beauty in the grain.  Natural wood is timeless, practical, functional but decidedly handsome these styles of table fit in most interiors including modern settings, informal cottage styling or formal sitting rooms.



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